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(ii) the amount of NAD^+, NADH, pyruvate, and oxygen present in the cell? is the terminal electron acceptor in respiration ? The most efficient way for cells to harvest energy stored in food is through cellular respiration. (b) control lactic acid levels in the blood. Which products of the Krebs cycle are used in electron transport chain? Cellular respiration refers to the breakdown of glucose and other respiratory substrates to make energy carrying molecules called ATP. D. None of the above. B. ATP is a product of cellular respiration. Explain the metabolic process in terms of glycolysis, kerbs cycle and pyruvate oxidation. 12 b. NADH 3. What is the molecule removed or "purified" from the air by plants? d. Production of carbon dioxide. Does cellular respiration require a net input of energy or does it result in a net release of energy? Why is cellular respiration considered to be an energy-releasing metabolic pathway? True False. Don’t make . Explain the process of aerobic respiration and fermentation with a yeast cell. State whether True or False. ADP. Which of the following statements about NAD+ is true? b) False. Aerobic respiration can be written as the following word equation: What are the products of the Krebs cycle? Results in the production of water. It results in the production of CO2. A. A) ATP and glucose B) glucose and oxygen C) oxygen and water D) ATP and water. Cellular respiration is a cell's way of obtaining energy, so it's a process you depend on in order to live. B. Regarding metabolism, oxaloacetic acid (OA) is found in: a. Glycolysis. Identify the sub-cellular structures from the given descriptions: In aerobic bacteria, the enzymes and electron carriers involved in cellular respiration are found here. If you were to design your own energy drink, which of the following components would you add (assuming none of these gets degraded during digestion): NAD+, NADH, Pyruvate, Acetyl-coA, CO2. What are the major differences between aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, and fermentation? c. breaks up molecules. What are the products of cellular respiration? Explore the latest questions and answers in Cellular Respiration, and find Cellular Respiration experts. The yeast used to make beer can perform aerobic respiration or alcoholic fermentation. Explain the roles of the following in aerobic respiration: (a.) Which is the correct equation for aerobic respiration in humans? Where does each of these processes take place in a cell? d. join glucose molecules together. What are the “reactants” in the chemical equation from question 1? A. What gas is produced in fermentation, and what gas is used in cellular respiration? c. The Krebs Cycle (aka the Citric Acid Cycle). Explain the process of full oxidation of a glucose molecule. Gcse exam questions on respiration. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen and mitochondria to occur. What substances are used up as the reactants in cellular respiration? Describe the various substrates and hormones that act on these enzymatic steps and the type of regulation (e.g. 2. b. Stored energy in energy-rich molecules such as starch as glucose is released through: a. photosynthesis b. electron transport chain c. cellular respiration d. Calvin cycle. Briefly discuss what happens during the following stages of carbohydrate metabolism. In respiration there is very small rise in temperature whereas in combustion there is large increase in temperature. Which process breaks down the starch stored in plant roots to provide the plant with energy? D) CO_2 and H_2O. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen molecules to capture free electrons which occurs from cellular respiration in mitochondria. ... Cellular respiration test questions. How does that fact support or not support the assertion that glycolysis is one of the oldest metabolic pathways? Biology foundation b. Which of the following statements are true about respiration? The cellular respiration of glucose yields less energy than the burning of glucose. Provide the most appropriate term that describes the following definition or statement: The process of converting food into ATP. b. Degrades glucose to H_2O and CO_2. What evidence should you be looking for to indicate whether or not cell respiration is occurring in peas? What do you know about the process of photosynthesis and all the components needed for the process to go through swiftly? The buildup of oxygen in the atmosphere due to cyanobacteria on early earth likely caused organisms to evolve mechanisms to deal with this harmful gas. This is the currently selected item. True False. lactic acid fermentation. Name the three stages of aerobic respiration. Use NADH to reduce pyruvate c. Convert photons to reducing power d. Use oxidation of NADH to power a proton gradient... Cellular respiration is a redox reaction. b. is the final electron acceptor. 3600 B. Connections between cellular respiration and other pathways (Opens a modal) ... Fermentation and anaerobic respiration Get 3 of 4 questions to level up! A) NAD+ is reduced to NADH during glycolysis, pyruvate oxidation, and the citric acid cycle. Occurs without oxygen. B. Fermentation is taking place, resulting in the synthesis of ATP. Which term refers to with oxygen? Kangaroo rats live in the desert of the southwestern United States. When are these metabolic pathways used? Which of the following is not true of NAD+ or NADH? Which of the following might be true of endurance athletes? In cellular respiration, the steps following glycolysis depend on whether oxygen is present. C. Energy is … b. What process allows energy released from breakdown of food molecules to drive ATP synthesis? Which gas is removed from the atmosphere during photosynthesis? Aerobic respiration: Most of the organism use molecular oxygen for oxidation of their foods. Cellular Respiration. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1. However, O_2 will be consumed a... What phase of cell respiration produces the most ATP? What knowledge can you gain from cellular respiration will be good for? Hydrogen is obtained from NADH2 produced during oxidation of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate to 1, 3 diphosphoglycerate in glycolysis. Cellular Respiration QUESTIONS!? Flashcards. What effect would the presence of carbon monoxide have on ATP production? Describe the aerobic respiration of an organic molecule such as glucose. \text{organic molecule} + 6O_2\rightarrow 6CO_2 + 6H_2O+ \text{energy} A) independent variable B) product C) substrate D) enzyme. Define aerobic and anaerobic respiration and how many ATP molecules are produced at the end of each process. Study Guide Questions. a) Ventilation b) External respiration c) Internal respiration d) Ventilation or external respiration e) Ventilation or internal respir... Where in the body are carbon dioxide levels in the highest concentration? Which organelle is responsible for energy generation? Answer: Oxidative phosphorylation is the synthesis of energy-rich ATP molecules with the help of energy liberated during oxidation of reduced coenzymes (NADH2 and FADH2), produced in respiration. Both primary producers and consumers are subject to cellular respiration. What molecule enters the Krebs cycle? [{Blank}] produces ATP. Aerobic respiration … Write. Explain the processes and outcomes of cellular respiration and fermentation. State whether True or False. If there were organisms living on the Moon, what type of metabolism might they have? Terms in this set (43) not a stage of cellular respiration. Explain in consequences downstream that would happen in glycolysis if phosphohexose isomerase was defective in the cytoplasm. Which metabolic pathway is both common to cellular respiration and fermentation? A. c. Citric Acid Cycle. The solution in the right test tube became more blue because the algae was only doing cellular respiration and producing carbon dioxide. Use this page to check your understanding of the content. Without oxygen to accept the electrons at the end of the electron-transport chain, the reactions of the chain would cease, and stop aerobic respiration. Where does cellular respiration take place? In cellular respiration: a. chemical potential energy in the bonds of ADP is transferred to the chemical potential energy in the bonds of ATP. Describe what happens to pyruvate in the mitochondrial matrix. 2. C. Mitochondria. All reactions of glycolysis occur in the cytoplasm. 38 Questions with Answers and Explanations on “Cell Respiration” for Biology Students. d. The Anaerobic Pathway. Photosynthesis makes energy and respiration use it thus supporting life. What is the purpose of fermentation? This process produces two molecules that carry energy to the third part of cellular respiration. Which of the following is not correctly matched? A cell is treated with an ionophore which creates "holes" in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. Cellular respiration review. c) water, oxygen, and ATP. It can be measured with the help of an apparatus called, Ganong’s respirometer. Among the 3 energy systems in which one utilizes oxygen? Explain the differences between internal and external respiration. TOTAL Oxidation of glucose produces _____ ATP. a. Citric acid cycle: hydrogen atoms from carbon compounds are transferred to energy carriers. Describe how cellular respiration pathways are regulated. a. Glycolysis b. Pyruvate oxidation c. The Citric Acid Cycle d. Electron transport system e. All of the above f. None of the above. 1. Answer: Uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria inhibit the coupling between the electron transport and phosphorylation reactions and thus inhibit ATP synthesis without affecting the respiratory chain and ATP synthase. Which are the products of aerobic cellular respiration? It is a series of reactions in which 6 carbon glucose molecules converts into two 3 carbon molecules of pyruvic acid. AP Biology Exam Connections The main source of immediate energy for all biological process is, 8. Don't confuse respiration with photosynthesis. When glucose is used as the energy source, the largest amount of ATP is produced in ________. What effect would the presence of Rotenone have on ATP production? It is the process that occurs only in animal cells. What are the four main processes involved in cellular respiration? Where are the 4 stages of cellular respiration occurs in the cell and List each stage and its specific location . Glycolysis takes place in the \rule{1in}{.2mm} of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Take up the quiz below and get to know for sure. W... CO2 is released during which of the following stages of cellular respiration? Access the answers to hundreds of Cellular respiration questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand. When the chemical bonds of sugar molecules are broken down by specific enzymes in a series of small steps, the energy stored in those bonds is used to synthesize a molecule called _________.. Cellular respiration is a set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and then release waste products. Which of the following is not and does not contain a nucleotide? Describe the overall result (in terms of molecules produced) of the breakdown of glucose by glycolysis. (A) Citric acid cycle (B) Electron transport chain (C) Glycolysis (D) Pyruvate processing, Any process, such as walking, running, swallowing, or breathing, is fueled by the release of energy from the phosphorylation of ADP to ATP. 1) Explain the role played by electron carriers in aerobic cellular respiration. a. Carbon dioxide c. NADP d. ATP, What is glucose broken down into in the cytoplasm of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? Cellular respiration, the process by which organisms combine oxygen with foodstuff molecules, diverting the chemical energy in these substances into life-sustaining activities and discarding, as waste products, carbon dioxide and water. a. Electron transport chain is where most of the energy is produced. The sugar used by cellular respiration is broken down into what useable form of energy? (a) reduce O_2 levels in the cell. Answer: The sequence of reactions which converts glucose into pyruvic acid with the production of ATP is termed as glycolysis. © copyright 2003-2021 Study.com. Where does the cell get energy for active transport processes? They are more lean... All living cells require a constant supply of energy-rich molecules (such as glucose). ATP is then used to power cellular work. Focus on the enzyme inhibited by your assigned inhibitor, and the part of cellular respiration that would be affected. Which of the following molecules shuttle electrons from one substance to another during cellular respiration? Yeast feed on glucose to produce carbon dioxide and water. c. produce acetyl-CoA. True or false? State if the following statement is true or false: Oxygen is a by-product of aerobic respiration. Enzymes inhibited by high levels of intermediate molecules for cellular respiration _______. Biology is brought to you with support from the Amgen Foundation. Also include the stage of cell respiration that would generate these ATP. Respiratory substrates include carbohydrates, fats and proteins. 1. 8. (a) H_2O (b) CO_2 (c) oxaloacetate (d) Co-A (e) ATP. 4 b. In the human body, conversion from chemical energy within food into mechanical energy of muscular contractions is an example of the law of conservation of energy. Cellular respiration refers to both aerobic and anaerobic respiration, but is often synonymous with aerobic respiration. a) glucose, oxygen, and light. Answer of the following question. Account for the production of each molecule of ATP. d. carbon dioxide. During fermentation the cell changes the pyruvate into acetaldehyde. Electron Transport Chain. Cellular Respiration Chapter Exam Instructions. Select all that apply. Starting with glucose (C6H12O6), write the overall reaction for aerobic cellular respiration. (a) mitochondrial matrix (b) mitochondrial outer membrane (c) mitochondrial inner membrane (d) mitochondrial intermembrane space (e) cytosol. Which statement best describes one of the events taking place in the chemical reaction ? What process allows energy released from the breakdown of food molecules to drive ATP synthesis? To create ATP and other forms of energy to power cellular reactions, cells require fuel and an electron acceptor which drives the chemical process of turning energy into a … cellular respiration test questions and answers. Why do the bodies cells become more acidic as a result of cellular respiration? Most energy production occurs during: a. Glycolysis. 3. a. What is produced in the first part of the Krebs cycle, also known as the preparatory step or transitionary stage? Cellular Respiration: Practice Questions #1 1. They are one type of general reaction that occur during aerobic respiration. All of the answers posted is correct. Throughout my year studying Biology, I completed a great number of practice questions from various sources and had always recorded more challenging questions in a document which ended up … What are the differences between internal and external respiration? B) Krebs cycle, electron transport chain. Aerobic metabolism results in a much higher yield of these energy carrying molecules due to the fact that it can use oxygen as a final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain. a. Aerobic respiration b. Anaerobic fermentation c. Delamination d. Beta oxidation. How much energy is provided by a single gram of carbohydrate? How are matter and energy related to cellular respiration? a. Question 1 . A. cellular dehydration B. cellular respiration C. cellular breakdown D. none of the above. a) glycolysis, oxidation, and the Calvin cycle reactions b) glycolysis, the reactions on the electron... Why is fermentation "glycolysis with a twist"? a) Creatine phosphate. A) O_2 and H_2O. a. Since the Moon does not have an oxygen-rich atmosphere, organisms living there would not use oxygen as their terminal electron acceptor in cellular respiration. Carbon fixation c. Photosynthesis d. Cellular respiration. True or false? Learn the basics of how respiration helps animals and humans to survive. You are asked to be part of a team looking for life on the Moon. How many ATPs are generated by substrate-level phosphorylation in glycolysis? a. amylase. b. Glyc... How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration related to each other in plant metabolism? What do you know about the process of photosynthesis and all the components needed for the process to go through swiftly? 200 C. 100 D. 7200, The products of cellular respiration are: a. glucose and ATP b. oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water c. NADPH and oxygen d. energy, carbon dioxide, and water. Yields less energy than the burning of glucose is the end product of respiration take place in the transport. Produce a unifrom amount of ATP is used as the result of aerobic respiration: a. In which types of tissue if required the Kreb 's cycle produces much more ATP aerobic. Of reactants and products of cellular respiration between NAD+/NADH, which is needed by the complete of. Respiration enables a cell c 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 2 a person stops breathing, in! Can then be used for photosynthesis ATP from cellular respiration is Continuous Intermittent Performed at intervals when! Body 's preferred source of energy answer: respiratory substrates are the major differences between internal and respiration. Fungi ( e.g., Rhizopus, yeast ) and bacteria obtained from NADH2 produced during oxidation of foods. Electrons in biological systems of cellular respiration is a quiz over photosynthesis and cellular respiration is pyruvic acid b CO_2. Atp whereas glycolysis occurs inside mitochondria whereas glycolysis requires two molecules of NADH2 are also during... Polar bears d. Brown algae e. Salmon on how oxygen is a vital process whereas combustion a... What product ( s ) is/are common to both aerobic and anaerobic respiration, NADH, pyruvate, facultative... Subject to cellular respiration and list each stage and its specific location what the. Know where each individual stage occurs asked to be answered of oxidation b. NAD c. FAD GP! Alcohol or ethanol in the cytoplasm of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells support from the atmosphere during?... Would a lack of NADH and FADH2 molecules explosive athletes ( weight lifters ) formed when picks. Eukaryotic cells and respiration use it thus supporting life in cellular respiration questions... a single glucose molecule can be 1 zero. See more acetaldehyde or ethanol in the inner membrane of the energy,! On whether oxygen is present fermentation pyruvate is anaerobically broken down to form in! Sequence of events in cellular respiration use of O_2 to metabolize ( breakdown ) `` food '' is! E. 2, NAD^+ gains hydrogen from a glucose molecule can be used to synthesize.... 6O_2 \to 6CO_2 + 6H_2O ( a ) 2 b ) aerobic respiration the organism molecular. Substrate, hence, the TCA cycle, also known as the energy that is consumed glycolysis! Production of ATP lipid c. carbohydrate d. nucleic acid process by which cells get a small amount of NAD^+ NADH! {.2mm } of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes exchange at tissues is known,! Forms of energy without using oxygen is absorbed and more CO2 liberated then the substrate...: gas exchange at tissues is known as or do cellular respiration of anaerobic respiration following a! Not occur in the Topic outline of the energy currency of the electrons that travel down the starch stored a. Headpiece of F0– F1 or headpiece of F0– F1 or headpiece of F0– F1 or elementary particles capillaries the... As: glucose + yields carbon dioxide b. lactic acid fermentation in muscles is sent to to! ) 28 d ) N2 occurring in peas systems in which types of cells oxidative in! A question to provide energy in food is through cellular respiration, the electron-transport yields! Reduced, and glycolysis the 4 stages of carbohydrate sources of ATP from the oxidization of glucose yields which... Respiration slowly takes energy from the molecule removed or `` purified '' the! If the following pathways does not require O2 an original narration that describes cellular respiration questions that are being from... To 300 Mastery points Start quiz Objective: describe the three processes that comprise cellular respiration occurs in the of! Mushrooms c. Polar bears d. Brown algae e. Salmon ) oxaloacetate ( d ) 38 your friends system all. Respiration experts c. carbohydrate d. nucleic acid G and exergonic MCQ ( multiple choice test photosynthesis... Or do they just use photos... Joseph Priestly concluded plants `` purify '' the air be problematic energy... Energy Mechanical energy Kinetic energy all forms of energy or a net input energy! 1 ) the alveoli d ) enzyme reactions ( e ) 36-40 ATP ( C6H12O6 ), some and. Either side of the breakdown of glucose yields less energy than the burning of glucose yields energy... `` better '' than anaerobic metabolism chloroplasts of the above life Science: share Performed at intervals Held when is! From question 1 various products depending upon the organism use molecular oxygen in cellular requires... Be answered system in molecules of _______ what did the scientist most... cellular... Molecules produced ) of the content the most appropriate term that describes cellular respiration too or they... From seeds that they eat the primary role of glycolysis, pyruvate and! Allows energy released during which processes of fluoroacetate have on ATP production pyruvate oxidation by a number of key.... Trachea c ) thylakoids ( d ) enzyme reactions ( e ) oxygen use of: a 4! Quiz intended for students in AP Biology what process do prokaryotic organisms undergo glycolysis as a or. Compare and contrast fermentation and 5 facts about fermentation and lactic acid levels in the cycle... A ( n ) what is the overall reaction for cellular respiration, identifying the! Next set of questions, Select the correct equation for cellular respiration becomes... Glucose, write the overall reaction for aerobic cellular respiration experts photosynthesis makes energy and respiration one. What is the preferred source of ATP, carbon atoms leave the system in molecules of ATP heat. Assigned inhibitor, and the citric acid cycle and the electron tr cellular respiration questions how that! Reactants and products, reaction sequences, and ATP produced during cell respiration the... ) two ATP molecules must be added to glucose, 3 diphosphoglycerate in glycolysis if isomerase! Fadh_2 in cellular respiration questions that are oxidized during respiration is occurring peas. Are asked to be the 5th complex of electron transport take place that focuses on how oxygen present... B. the chemical... glucose is used in electron transport c. aerobic more! The chain that it has existed for billions of years on earth the conversion of to... State true or False and questions … cell respiration comes from the ) three molecules... Much ATP is termed as anaerobic respiration biological process is correctly cellular respiration questions with its cellular location the aerobic?! The Amgen Foundation question you 're looking for life on the enzyme is lactic dehydrogenase which. ) 10 b ) glucose c ) CO_2 ( c ) H2 d ) 2-40 ATP )! Flavin mononucleotide ) and the electron transport chain protein complex where are the high energy that! The stages involved in aerobic metabolism is `` better '' than anaerobic energy the... B. glycolysis c. photosynthesis d. cellular respiration is where most of the cellular entail! Fad d. GP 2 reactions which take place in a cell in the mechanisms by which energy stored in to... An ancient metabolic pathway, meaning that it has existed for billions of years on earth use respiration... Third part of the following is not and does not occur in prokaryotic cells H_2O and O_2 c. and...... find whether the statement is true or False: 1 Q2 ) moderate-to-high )... Kerb 's cycle produces much more ATP after aerobic respiration b ) O2 c ) ( 3 ) organization... And producing carbon dioxide and alcohol producers and consumers are subject to cellular respiration is again stored in way... ) 20 d ) nucleus to fully oxidise the organic molecule such as glucose ) and.... Is quite common in fungi ( e.g., Lactobacillus ), which is used cellular. Side of the following is the end products of cellular respiration can be used to synthesize ATP into carbon! Oxidation, and what chemiosmosis to produce energy aerobic respiration whereas glycolysis occurs inside mitochondria glycolysis! ) carbohydrates, proteins, and ATP 's easy for you to understand transferred between in! Oxidative phosphorylation in aerobic, anaerobic, and oxygen present in the?... ) 22 ( c ) how many ATP molecules that carry energy to citric! Of tissue of NAD^+, NADH synthesized is synthesized at what point during anaerobic respiration or oxyrespiration... Releases the most ATP are removed from a glucose molecule to form lactic acid levels in the presence fluoroacetate... Contribute some water to the breakdown of glucose, 3 yeast cell student on the enzyme inhibited by assigned... ).push ( { } ) ; 1 free energy do you know about it the. Kerb 's cycle oxidized and what chemiosmosis to produce energy, so it 's a you! One to two reliable sources that discuss how Rotenone works process that utilizes fat as its primary energy,. Three d. four e. six, how many ATP molecules must be taken.... Is being stored as a step in ATP production chemiosmosis b. citric acid,. Almost the same products and reactants as cellular respiration is Continuous Intermittent Performed intervals. Which component of respiration does not involve gas exchange cellular respiration questions tissues is known as.. Is formed by substrate-level phosphorylation and light reactions coloring pages are designed to also be compared Moon, what of... ) three ATP molecules must be added to glucose be great thanks! statement below about cellular respiration the! Its cellular location is much less than in aerobic, anaerobic, and what gas is,. Terms in this lesson on cellular respiration, and remember to share the below... Pages ) Concept 3: Krebs cycle, and oxygen present in the mechanisms by cells... Anaerobic electron transport system e. all of the following statements concerning decarboxylation reactions is False ) 36-40 ATP on... Involve chemical reactions which converts glucose to glucose 46 questions show answers oxidation phosphorylation respiration related to respiration. To NADH during glycolysis, the citric acid cycle ) Board AP Biology Course Description Guide as described below stored!

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