santa cristina wine sangiovese

Ruby red colour; chestnut, leather, spice, plum and floral aromas; light to medium body; savory, dark fruit flavours, balanced lifted acidity, medium tannins with good length to finish. refinement_value: '', baseUrl: '', Alcohol content is 13% by volume. Go to shop Manitoba Liquor Mart. keys.sort(function (a, b) { Red Wine ... Santa Cristina Sangiovese. ', '?'])) handleInputCrossInstant(input); request: { Santa Cristina Rosé was crafted to express the harmonious and well-balanced character of the Tuscan territory, the resulting wine is delicate, aromatic and fragrant. (e&&e.licenseKey&&e.applicationID&&t))return u.abort();f(h,function(t,n){e[t]||(e[t]=n)});var n=a();c("mark",["onload",n+b.offset],null,"api"),c("timing",["load",n]);var r=p.createElement("script");r.src="https://"+e.agent,t.parentNode.insertBefore(r,t)}}function i(){"complete"===p.readyState&&o()}function o(){c("mark",["domContent",a()+b.offset],null,"api")}var a=e(2),c=e("handle"),f=e(6),u=e("ee"),s=e(4),d=window,p=d.document,l="addEventListener",m="attachEvent",v=d.XMLHttpRequest,g=v&&v.prototype;NREUM.o={ST:setTimeout,SI:d.setImmediate,CT:clearTimeout,XHR:v,REQ:d.Request,EV:d.Event,PR:d.Promise,MO:d.MutationObserver};var y=""+location,h={beacon:"",errorBeacon:"",agent:""},w=v&&g&&g[l]&&!/CriOS/.test(navigator.userAgent),b=t.exports={offset:a.getLastTimestamp(),now:a,origin:y,features:{},xhrWrappable:w,userAgent:s};e(1),e(3),p[l]? templates: templates, Santa Cristina Rosso 2016, Tuscany. }); container: facet.wrapper.appendChild(document.createElement('div')), }; window.scrollTo(x, y); Great to have two good critical wine drinkers who have assisted in the past. Cette très belle cuvée Santa Cristina offre toute la richesse de la Toscane : des arômes de fruits rouges ... Cette particularité profite tout particulièrement au cépage Sangiovese, typique de la région, lorsque la vigne à flanc de coteaux profite d'un ensoleillement maximum. } Over time, Santa Cristina has become a reference point for winemaking experts as well as wine enthusiasts due to our commitment to achieving quality. }; else { Links to other Wine Notes See all. currencySymbol: '$', if (Array.isArray(hit.color)) { var SignupUserDataFields = { }; Origine. if (input.val().length > 0) { root: 'facet slider' }); It is owned by Marchesi Antinori, one of Italy's most renowned and historic wine companies. $19.99. Antinori Santa Cristina Sangiovese (750 Ml) - BevMo! input.val(''); Save to favourites; Dalzotto Sangiovese Cabernet. Menu. var targetOffset = Math.round(menu.offset().left); separator: 'to', return; }) name: i, 13 %. } cssClasses: { Santa Cristina Antinori produces this Santa Cristina Antinori Toscana 2017 (£7.28), a red wine from Tuscany with the best syrah, sangiovese and merlot grapes from the 2017 vintage and has an alcoholic strength of 13%. format: function(formattedValue) { We are united by passion for lands and wines that fascinate the world, for unique flavours and for the pleasures of good living. }, { priceKey: '.AUD.default', }; Its nose is marked by fresh, fruity aromas of grapefruit and wild strawberries. Antinori Santa Cristina Toscana Review. var index = algolia_client.initIndex(algoliaConfig.indexName + "_section_" +; source = { var ors = ''; 00 2008. All Rights Reserved. return false; refinement_key: '', 2007. }; The Sangiovese is a delicious, savoury, light-to-medium bodied red wine. onSuccess: function(response) { 2018 Antinori Santa Cristina Toscana IGT from Tuscany, Italy - Buy Online & Read Reviews At The Wine Collective Every bottle is like a little bit of Toscano just waiting for you to discover it. /** Stick menu horizontally align on left to the input **/ (t-=p.offset,,g=!0,d("timing",["fi",t,n])}}function c(e){d("pageHide",[,e])}if(! }); Since 1946, in Cortona, Santa Cristina has been renewing the tradition of wines with great character that can be consumed immediately after bottling, as well as offering a selection of refined classics, and unique Tuscan specialties. } This is the view which can be enjoyed from the Santa Cristina cellars, constructed in 2006 to confirm and renew the tradition of the wine of the same name, first produced in the year 1946. } Please contact us for current vintage details. Prix ($) 13,95. 87 2011. autocomplete_container.addClass('reverse'); (e&&e instanceof Function&&e.apply&&!e[a])}var i=e("ee"),o=e(7),a="nr@original",c=Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty,f=!1;t.exports=function(e,t){function n(e,t,n,i){function nrWrapper(){var r,a,c,f;try{a=this,r=o(arguments),c="function"==typeof n?n(r,a):n||{}}catch(u){p([u,"",[r,a,i],c])}s(t+"start",[r,a,i],c);try{return f=e.apply(a,r)}catch(d){throw s(t+"err",[r,a,d],c),d}finally{s(t+"end",[r,a,f],c)}}return r(e)?e:(t||(t=""),nrWrapper[a]=e,d(e,nrWrapper),nrWrapper)}function u(e,t,i,o){i||(i="");var a,c,f,u="-"===i.charAt(0);for(f=0;f

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